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The History of Tarot


The Star, image courtesy of Ciro Marchetti.      My Readings are powerful, psychic, healing and fun. Your intention to have the best possible reading puts a special vibration on the readings. My intentions are to help you heal and find answers. My other intention is to give you any vital information that spirit wishes to share with you and assist you thru this challenge you are facing here on this earth. What ever Spirit shows me will be what I share with you.

      I feel that we are only visiting on this planet to learn, experience and grow. Sometimes our experiences are harder than we wish or we seem to be repeating them. So we need to know why things are happening and perhaps how to stop them. Here is where Spirit comes in to help us get through some hard places. I link in with the Divine thru meditation and ask for guidance and then we begin.

      I also ask for a bit of data such as your date of birth. This gives me just a hint into the numerology of the year you are in. It is very helpful to give a touch of insight and perhaps a bit of help for the coming year. I also gain a bit of insight as to what astrological sign you are. It just gives me something else to share with you that you may not know.