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     Hi, My name is Rev. Cheryl Buchanan. I am a Psychic, intuitively guided by spirit to help people find answers to their questions and concerns. I work with the pictures of the Tarot and link in with the Creator and Spirit to help people. I am a healer as well as a medium. I have been doing this for over 20 plus years. I am a Tarot Reader/Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Spiritual Healer, Dream Interpreter, Certified Spiritual Intuitive and Medium. I have read in Psychic Expos in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. I work in Florida a great deal now since I moved here 5 years ago and happily live in the sunny life.

     I have been a healer longer than I have been a reader. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997 and now I am a Certified Spiritual Healer through Christian Metaphysical Fellowship, Inc. My skills have grown, I have attained my certification as Spiritual Intuitive and I am working to become a Certified Medium. The process is a bit lengthy but there is so much to learn and also very exciting. Now I can assist you with Spirit when they wish to come through and give you messages. Or sometimes the person I read for wishes to connect with a loved one who has passed over on the other side just to see if they are ok or ask questions. It all depends upon Spirit and if they choose to participate.

     I believe that when we die, our body leaves and the spirit/soul lives on. We come here for a short time to learn, experience and grow and then we leave the physical body to go back to our "real home" and enjoy the things that we love the best. The departed Spirit still love their family and friends who are here and wish to be remembered and to let us know that they are around - just not in the physical sense - so don't forget them and never forget to ask them for help because they really do want to be of service to their loved ones on this side.

     Unbeknownst to me, my grandmother on my mothers side had "second sight" but she was afraid to tell many people. I found this out later in life. I inherited my gifts from my her. I grew up in a large family, 9 other brothers and sisters, in a small farm outside of a small town in Ohio. Growing up on a small farm, we planted a garden and grew vegetables to eat and canned them to save for winter. My parents often butchered our own meat and did all things to simply live and grow up. We had chores; cleaning, and taking care of farm animals. We had cows, pigs, horses, chickens, geese, ducks and all kinds of wildlife. There was a small river that ran on our property and often we swam in the warm waters in the summer and in the winter we ice skated. I became quite an outdoorsman and a tomboy. I rode horses, fished, trapped, walked the river and became connected to Mother Nature and the animal kingdom.

     My family was Catholic and my mother took us to church Sundays. I also attended the Catholic School for 8 years. It was an excellent education, but when I left that school ideas that we were all sinners and that we must repent for a lot of things was pounded into me. Let me tell you, it took quite a while to get over the programming. That is typical of many church schools. I am glad for the education and the learning that the Catholic school provided. Skip to my young adult years. I married early and then divorced with a young daughter, and decided that I no longer could support myself as a waitress or factory worker. So while I was working at a local hospital (notice the arena of healing again) I began going to a local college. I worked, went to school and graduated with a BA in Psychology and Administration. After a bit I began working with the Mentally Challenged. I did that for 18 years and then retired. This is really where my spiritual life began. I am so glad that I found my way to the Spiritual Church and to a belief system that feels right for me. We come here to experience and grow in a much larger way than any soul could in any other manner. I do believe that our time here is often like spending time in what I could imagine was a mental hospital, crazy, but then again - I chose to come here. Of course our current times are crazy. Health is a major issue. Covid 19 has become so frightening. It is happening all around the world, not just here. The unknown is so hard for people. Our lives have been uprooted and there is no longer a "normal". The political arena has been just as crazy. Yet know my friends everything happens for a reason. Energies are coming to help us all. Change is in the wind. So be flexible, be positive and trust.


     When you schedule your reading, I meditate and connect with spirit to see what messages they wish to give you. Sometimes you get a message from your guides or other departed friends or family, perhaps advice or suggestions for you to help you along your way. Sometimes you get information to just let you know that they are watching and waiting to help you if you ask.. This is done by my guides connecting with your family/friends/guides and relaying the information back to me. Sometimes I see items, or things that are connected to you and your search for answers.

     At your appointed time, we will connect and I will really all of this information to you and if more help is needed, I will set my cards up and with the help of those guides, I will share with you what I see.