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The History of Tarot


Light Finds Light

Come to the cards with an open mind.
Come to the cards with an open heart.
Come to the cards with an open spirit.
And the Dream Heart Tarot will open herself
To the Truths the cards reveal.

Through our contact with each other
Through our contact with the cards
Through our contact with Mother/Father God
Dream Heart Tarot will work to offer
Clarity and vision to you.

I offer an opportunity to glimpse what is ahead of you.
The Decisions, the Applications - You take with you - belong to you
I do not direct. I enlighten.

Queen of Coins, courtesy of Ciro Marchetti
Images used throughout this site are from
Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Devine Tarot.

How I do Tarot Readings which make me different from other readers.

1st. When a person comes to me or requests a reading, I do not specify that they ask a question, I recommend that they think on the question that is of most concern to them. It is very important for the individual to determine a time frame as well. The information that the Tarot gives then answers the question that they foremost have in their mind. If a person has a specific question only , I will work with that for them as well.

2nd. I always say a prayer for the person requesting a reading and include myself so that Mother /Father God -The Universal Powers that BE--help me to find the answers for this person, the answers that are for their highest good.

3rd. I shuffle the cards and begin the layout. If you and I are on the phone together, You will be included in all three steps.